Course Description (Plain English)

Long Trout Disc Golf Course Description (in Plain English)

The 4,500 ft. course offers diverse terrain including woodlands, an open meadow, elevations, water, and a soon-to-be renowned classic barn shot into a Hanging Basket (which is 1 of the 4 hanging baskets currently known). The first Tee Deck is located at the Winery, which sits 90 ft. above Long Trout Pond. The front nine winds through the woods and rocks, tick-tacking up and down the steep hills through a beautiful mountain meadow, back through the woods finishing on hole #9.

The back nine starts in the woods between the pond and the barn, back up the steep terrain, zigzagging along the ridge. Then it’s back down to the meadow for hole #17, the soon-to-be renowned barn shot, into a hanging basket. Hole #18 finishes through the woods back to the pond.

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