Disc Golf

Long Trout Winery is pleased to announce Schuylkill County’s first Disc Golf course.

The 18 hole, par 3 course, was skillfully designed by Ed (Skeeter) Hoffman, owner of Acehole’s Inc., a Disc Golf sporting goods business. The 4,500 ft. course offers diverse terrain including woodlands, an open meadow, elevations, water, and a soon-to-be renowned classic barn shot into a Hanging Basket (which is 1 of the 4 hanging baskets currently known).

Long Trout Disc Golf is listed with the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA). Tournaments are held regularly. Please visit our Events page for more info.

The course can be played free-of-charge, during Long Trout Winery’s normal business hours: Wed. 6 PM – 9 PM, Sat. 12 PM – 6 PM, Sun. 12 PM – 5 PM.

Course Description (plain english)Course Description (golfer lingo)

For information, call 570-366-6443 or email longtrout84@verizon.net

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