Long Trout Wine List

Hippietage — $15.00

Like Moe, Larry and Curly…gets you feelin’ squirrelly, Like Crosby, Stills & Nash…makes you want the hash, Like Acid, Amnesty and Harmonic Distortion…Your mind will have a contortion, The Titti-lating Trifecta: two low “cabs” on the go, way low….

Immaculate Hoe Merlot — $15.00

Like the spring flowers, this hoe will come and go before you know! Hoe “mer” Hoe!

Plethora — $14.00 (SOLD OUT)

If Jim and Marlin were on safari, this plethora would be sure to stir up a raging Poonami.  Be know ing now…

The Family Jewels — $12.00 (SOLD OUT)

Poised to explode their royal purple exuberance, disseminating it over an intensely desirous parched populace. Que sera, sera…

Nowhere Man (Dry) — $12.00
(Red grape blend)

Doesn’t have a point of view, knows not where he’s going to.

Bon Aire Grave’ (Semi-Dry) — $16.00

It’s a “Vernacular Dilemma”… Phonetically enunciated using wine-bonics – (bō’nər) (grā’vē) – It goes in straight but comes out “wavy”, just like the 60’s gravy. Try this hippie bippie mix… Medium dry blackberry & grape (Wine-bonics tells us the “t” is silent… swing low).

Smoke on the Water (Semi-Dry) — $16.00

Finally you can enjoy your “after dinner” cigar, with your smokin’ red wine, right at the table, without offending your guests… Have a cigar… Ur gonna go far!

Purple Craze — $20.00

Vines planted in Lodi in 1964, Jimi’s song inspired the name 3 year’s later. This Old Vine Zin, a timeless Sin!

Dirty Deeds — $13.00 (SOLD OUT)

A little hippie chick named Syrah, made all the boys go hurrah,
she’d flaunt her “Petites,”& do dirty deeds,  better than they had saw!

Afternoon Delight — $12.00

Thinkin `bout you’s working up my appetite, Looking forward to a little Afternoon Delight… Skyrockets in flight!

Granny’s Toast — $12.00

A real crowd pleaser. Just like Granny’s jelly, except you don’t spread this one.

Nowhere Man (Sweet) — $12.00 (SOLD OUT)

(Red grape blend )
He’s as sweet as he can be, just sweet’s what he wants to be, Nowhere Man’s sure to please me, after all…

Indecent Exposure (Sweet) — $13.00 (SOLD OUT)

An exquisite blend of three grapes. This beauty lets it all hang out.


Hippie Way — $12.00

This naked presentation exudes crisp Chardonnay overtones.  Hand crafted by a merry band of aging hippies.

Vindsheild Viper (Dry Gewurtz) — $12.00

Named after that infamous Pennsylvania Dutch poisonous snake. Vhen it’s bad wetter aught, vatch for das vinsheild viper, na vonest.

Burnin’ Bra — $14.00
(Peachy White)

The 60’s were all about the freedom of choice – so chose wisely and set “the girls” free.

Sensual Innuendo — $13.00
(Muscat Canelli)

Weirdo, with huge libido, wearing a speedo tuxedo, about to crescendo, could be well versed in the sensual in-a-U-endo.

Cosmic Charisma — $11.00
(White grape blend)

You may have a couple of good points, but this beauty has charisma.  Like the rings of Saturn and Uranus – It’s cosmically delicious.

German Helmet — $12.00

What a way to “top off” some Schnitzen Grueben and Gneuden Heuten.

The Girls — $13.00
(Orange Muscato)

All you have to do is twirl the tassels.

Slowly I Turned — $12.00 (SOLD OUT)

Curly would “Soitenly” take a beating from Moe to get up close and personal with a bottle of this fruity juice. NYUK, NYUK, NYUK


Sour Cherrieola — $12.00

Remember the sour cherry tree by the creek when you were a young whippersnapper?  Close your eyes and relive this classic smell and taste.  This time you won’t have to spit the pit.

Morning Wood — $12.00
(Asian Pear)

My Pappy used to sit in bars for hours,
with Harvey Wallbanger, he’d call my mom & say:
“Don’t Chop No Wood – Pappa’s Comin’ Home…
with a Load”- Sometimes he’d get home in the Morning

We all Live in a Yellow Nectarine (Peach Nectarine)– $12.00

Succulent “dead ripe” fruit, dripping with Sweet Nectar… Calling all Hummingbirds, you’ll want to stick your beaks into a bottle of this heavenly ferment.

Ipanema (Mango Ginger) — $14.00

Tall & gold & young & lovely… The wine from Ipanema goes pouring, It pours as smooth as a Brazilian… that swings so cool & sways so gentle, you’ll forget about Mary Ann, Gilligan, the 3 hour tour & the Skipper too…

Hung Tongue Plum — $11.00

White Ozark Plums – Large tie-dye spheres, brimming with love juice, deliver a sweet palate punch with a lingering tart deep-throat wallop.



Berried in Chocolate — $16.00

A tasty full-bodied berry blend just dripping with milk chocolate–sure to get the juices flowing.

Instant “O” — $13.00

Waves of pleasure will ripple across your palate when you taste this delightful combo of strawberries and milk chocolate.

Chocolate Cherrieola — $12.00

This curious creation takes Cherrieology to a new plateau
Just dust ’em in cocoa, press ’em hard to leave a most “serious impression”.

Heavy Breather — $12.00
(Chocolate Orange)

Like a dog on a choker, this combo is breath taking.

Oompa Loompa  — $12.00

A light pear wine base carries and presents the rich fullness of dark chocolate with exceptional ease. But really wonkas your willy.

Chocolate Bon Aire Grave’ — $10.00

“CHOCOLATE BONAIRE” with z red velvet flair! Oui, Oui, Mon Fre’re, if you dare?


Bell Bottom Blueberry — $18.00

This full bodied dry blueberry is trying to catch a “Cab”.

Black Hole (Blackberry) — $13.00

Captain Fred navigates thru this sea of (black) holes and takes you “Nowhere Man.” In one side of the black hole, out the other… If it flows, it goes!

The Captain’s Log — $14.00
(Boysenberry Semi-Dry)

Star Date 6 Wine 9:  Uhura was ordered to down some of the Captain’s Log, Dock with Spock, Raise Bones & Clean Scotty’s Bag Pipes.

Berried Alive — $15.00
(Blend of strawberries, Black & red raspberries)


Waskully Wraspberry Black — $16.00

Be wery, wery qwiet cause we’re huntin’ those waskully wabbits in the wraspberries!

Waskully Wraspberry Red — $16.00

Like a handful of fresh picked berries, this will grab your tongue by its roots, will make a party in your pants and make your taste buds dance.

Forever Strawberry Fields  — $11.00

Let me take you down…nothing is real…except the incredible nose and bursting flavor.  The strawberries will surround and astound you.

Ruby Slippers — $12.00

Click your heels together (3) times and you will find out how to “Boogie at the Bog” of tart cranberries with fruity citrus notes.

Lus-T-Berry — $12.00

Picture the little Hippie Gnomes going out at midnight with gunny sack and flashlight in hand to harvest the mythical yet mystical berries at their peak of ripeness.  A minty fresh alleged aphrodisiac that will satisfy even Monica.


Tropical Trout — $13.00

The Trout is Out! This long awaited Tropical Getaway is a Ripper!

Psychedelic Jack O’Lantern — $15.00

Pumpkins all carved up, oven roasted and lightly spiced. This “Halloweenie” really glows!

Old One Eye — $12.00
(Garden Medley)

Like drinking a salad, this complex creation will smooth out your Bloody Mary to garden fresh perfection.  This also makes a terrific salsa martini.  Great with cheese.

Yellow Snow  — $12.00

Hot pepper wine with a hint of garlic.  Watch out, that’s where the huskies go.  This spicy sauce will sure get you howlin’. It’s a real smoker!